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Chelsea Sheridan is a New York-based Designer and Art Director, specializing in brand development and digital design.

About Chelsea Sheridan


I'm a multidisciplinary designer with 8+ years of experience in brand development, advertising campaigns, and digital design. Currently, I am a Senior Designer on the retail experience team at Verizon’s in-house agency, where I specialize in designing the customer experience for campaigns, device launches and digital strategy and design in-store. In 2017, I relocated to New York from Seattle, where I worked as a Senior Designer at a boutique design firm called Dapper + Associates. At Dapper, I managed accounts, created brands and launched campaigns for clients like The Wolff Company, Madison Development Group, Comcast and Seattle University, leading everything from art direction to design production and vendor relations.

Previously, I was an Art Director at Wunderman, where I helped launch global digital marketing campaigns for Xbox, including a complete overhaul of their digital newsletter. Prior to that, I worked for Tremor Video as an interactive designer for entertainment brands like Netflix, Hulu, Sony, Paramount, Disney, and Amazon. I hold a BA in Design Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design from Lehigh University. In my spare time, I continue to create for myself and for my freelance partners. Whether it be a new woodworking project or creating a website about beer, I am always looking to start another side project! Other hobbies and interests of mine include making ceramics, taking hip hop classes, yoga, boxing, coffee roasting and getting out of the city to be in nature or explore new cities as much as possible.

Live from the stage/my workspace

A few more key things that define me.

PASSION. My passion for design and creativity runs deep. I strive to work with people who are just as passionate about their company/projects as I am about creating great designs.

AUTHENTICITY. There is nothing better than genuine people doing genuine work. I work with honest intentions and with people who hold me accountable.

CURIOSITY. Learning new things is always a priority for me. I am constantly exploring, asking questions, and educating myself where I lack understanding.